Park House 485 West 59 Avenue, Vancouver

6 Levels 2020 Built Pets allowed Rentals allowed


Building type:         Condo

Ownership:             Condominium

Architects:              Francl Architecture

Interior Designer:   BYU Design

Developer:             Vantac

Park House is located on the 485 59th Ave West, Vancouver, this is the newest parkside homes on Cambie Corrider.  Two six-storey, concrete buildings 

designed by Francl Architecture with a contemporary beauty and functionality. This is the most desiable parkside home for people who want to have easy

access to the transit without compromise of the combiantion of luxury and nature. Cambie Corridor has created and became the heart of City of Vancouver,

close to Oakridge Mall Centre and Marine Gateway. It is right in the middle of Richmond and Vancouver. The location of the project means everything.

Please contact me for more detail and VIP eariler access. 

Tony Liang



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